About this Blog

I suppose I should disclose Charles Papa is not my real name.  It’s a nom de plume, under which my first (and only at this writing) book How Butterflies Are Born was published. (You can download a free electronic copy here, if you’re interested.) To the real Charles Papas out there, I apologize if this creates any head-aches for you.

I’m starting this blog as a way to capture and summarize books I’ve read.  My hope is I’ll be able to create something useful to myself in others.  I often find I have a difficult time recalling where I read something. I have eclectic tastes so my selections are very broad. Perhaps the one exception is any fiction, which I very seldom ever read. I didn’t realize how much I read until I counted the books I read over the last year.  I was shocked to discover I averaged more than two books a week.  That’s not to say I’ll post with that level of frequency since I have a “day job” which keeps me very busy. I have yet to decide on the format of the summaries and I expect that will evolve over time. Regardless, I expect I’ll lace in a mixture of objective summary with a very subjective review and then smear on a coat of “Here’s what I’m thinking about now”. I hope you enjoy and find it useful.


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